Take a Vacation in a Glass with RumShopRyan’s New Cocktail Guide

It’s no secret that Caribbean Bob loves Caribbean cocktails, especially those involving that nectar of the tropical gods, rum. So of course we’re stoked about the news that one of our best travel buddies, RumShopRyan, has just released his expert guide to 52 great Castaway Cocktails — all but one made with rum.

For less than you’d pay for a rum and coke at a big-city bar ($9), Ryan serves up a collection of classic drinks along with some original concoctions mixed up by him and his rum-loving friends. As he notes, “Rum is the life blood that flows through the islands and a source of pride for each Caribbean nation. During my years of doing this I’ve learned how to make a pretty good drink from some of the best bartenders in the islands and now it’s time to share.”

Why 52? One new drink for every week of the year, of course. The recipes “will have you dreaming of sandy beaches and dancing palms before the ice in your glass melts.” Those clinking cubes are your cue to order the Castaway Cocktails Recipe eBook online now at the RumShopRyan Caribbean Travel Blog site!


Robert Curley

Rhode Island based travel writer, author of Rhode Island: Off the Beaten Path, and an active member of the American Society of Travel Writers.

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